What we do
For Agencies

  • Case Study : Real Estate

    A High-End Real Estate Company
    faced the challenge of vacancies in upscale apartments in major market cores, and office space that needed to be filled.

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  • Case Study : Retail

    An automobile acquisition company
    wanted to significantly increase appearance on the first page of search results, as well as increase engagement, phone leads, and conversions

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  • Case Study : Education

    A NY-based college
    wanted to increase enrollment in specialized programs and increase awareness/engagement online. Our education-related results quickly facilitated this need.

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  • Case Study : Finance

    A leading financial services company
    wanted to identify which clients were in need of a short-term loan and direct them to a branch location that could quickly facilitate this need.

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  • Case Study : Telecom

    A Top-3 Cable Company
    wanted to increase sales without having to increase their monthly spend. Ai Media Group identified the key lead driving factors and optimized to these factors in real time.

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  • Case Study : Healthcare

    A dental implant company
    wanted to evenly target 20 markets in the US, and appeal to an affluent audience with a credit score over 700...

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Our Team Is Your Team

For agencies, Ai Media Group is a partner providing practical and effective online-advertising solutions. We equip you with the necessary business intelligence to maximize your online efforts, immediately. Relationships win customers, results keep them. We deliver both.

We Are Your Interactive Arm


Our mission is to provide cutting-edge technology in simple yet compelling packages. We offer a complete suite of paid digital advertising services, including SEM, Display, and Social Media and we are first adopters on the latest tools and technology from top search and media networks.

We Turn Leads into Sales

No two clients are the same, so no two marketing strategies should be the same, right? Our unique tools and tailor-made approaches enable you to take a deeper look into your customers’ needs so you can identify, meet, and satisfy them while re-shaping your business for the better.

We Go Beyond

We don't just deliver better quality leads for your client - we show you how our tools work for you and why. See where leads come from, get detailed information about website users, and watch while your business—and customer relations—improve.

An Extension of Your Team.

Don't have any online advertising experience? Don't worry. Ai Media Group is a partner to your agency, not just another vendor. We provide you with a turn key solution for all your customer's online advertising needs. Our experienced sales professionals work with you to provide your customers with the business intelligence to help maximize their online efforts, and our reporting tools can be re-branded with your agency's name and logo so that your customers have a seamless experience.

From proposals, presentations, reporting, customer service...
Ai Media Group takes care of it all.

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