Customized Marketing
Strategies That Go Beyond

Successful online marketing campaigns require a multifaceted approach. That’s where we come in. The team at Ai Media Group creates a unique strategy for every client, combining SEO and social-media presence with traditional online marketing methods (search, display, mobile, remarketing, local listings) that reach target audiences, obtain lead goals, and get results.




The Tools

Ai Media Group uses a combination of marketing, advertising, and tracking strategies to target audiences and get results.

Our Digital Tactics Include:


Search Engine Marketing

At Ai Media Group, we specialize in defining, managing and executing internet marketing and e-commerce strategies and solutions. This not only attracts more visitors to our customers' websites, but also maximizes their overall objectives through our consultative approach. Our proprietary algorithmic systems generate the best placements across all online media ensuring the best possible ROI, with measurable results.

Display Marketing

Display marketing improves brand awareness via image-based ads. This can include banners, buttons, and other custom-made designs. It pinpoints users at different stages of the buying cycle using factors like audience targeting, category targeting, and demographic targeting. This multifaceted marketing strategy results in impactful ad placement and more direct communication with potential customers.

Mobile Advertising

Mobile advertising refers to creating ads for smart devices. Mobile campaigns are built in the same way as standard desktop campaigns but are optimized for the smaller screens of tablets and phones. Ads are populated based on user search queries and are placed on the websites a user views on his or her mobile device.


Remarketing converts browsers into buyers by tracking user habits and tailoring ads to individual customers. After a potential customer visits and leaves your site without making a purchase, our team places a cookie in their browser. The cookie analyzes surfing patterns, places ads for your product on other sites, and allows you to continue conversations with potential customers and lead them back to your site.

Localized Advertising

Localized advertising uses geographic modifiers to reach regional audiences. While traditional PPC typically relies on general search phrases, localized PPC campaigns use geographic information, phone numbers, page links, and product images to focus the marketing strategy. This results in less competition, lower cost per click, and higher ad placement.

Call Tracking

Call tracking gives businesses a true picture of ROI by collecting information from phone calls generated by ad campaigns. Call tracking shows which ads are bringing in calls and provides such data as call count and time, caller ID, routing information, and call quality. Additionally, with call-tracking integration, you can see all this data in real-time in Ai Media Group's online reporting system.


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