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Read how Ai Media Group's Creative mix of technology and industry experts came up with solutions to our clients needs, exceeding goals and breaking records.


A Cable Company wanted to increase sales without having to increase their monthly spend.

Ai Media Group identified the key lead driving factors, including the: top converting keywords, geographies, search engines, days of the week, time of day, and top converting creative. We then optimized to these factors in real time in cities around the US.

Results:Ai Media Group brought the cost per lead (CPL) down by 20% over the first three months, and cut the cost per lead another 15% over the next year. Ai set records for both volume and CPL.


A Leading Financial Services Company wanted to identify which clients were in need of a short-term loan and direct them to a branch location that could quickly facilitate this need.

Ai Media Group programmatically bid on the most effective keywords, reduced the least effective or negative keywords and channels. This produced more qualified leads (not clicks), and converted the leads to sales at a rate of 20% over the objective.

Results: Ai Media Group hit the target CPL within the first month the program was in existence and continued to drive the cost down by 40% after three months. This new business enabled the financial institution to meet their immediate needs, and six months later, many of these clients are coming back for secondary loans.

Real Estate

A High-End Real Estate Company with luxury rental properties and homes that sell for $1 million to $20 million, faced the challenge of vacancies in upscale apartments.

Ai Media Group targeted North American and strategic markets and zip codes outside the US where real estate buyers were looking for high-end properties. We engaged conversion-based optimization to strategically target domestic and international markets that had buyers looking for properties like our client’s for either lease or purchase.

Result: Ai Media Group was able to scour and target the globe to locate buyers for seven and eight-figure properties. We identified the digital communities where these select individuals were looking for corporate housing or office space, and connected those buyers with our client via call center and other inbound responses. This was done in the most cost effective manner by identifying qualifying leads and sales as they came in. The campaign was optimized in real time to target and prioritize delivery to those strategic geographies that were delivering the best ROI.


David Yurman is a high end designer jewelry company that creates articles for both men and women. They are internationally recognized and known for their unique, classic, and handcrafted pieces.

David Yurman enlisted Ai Media Group to run a national campaign in order to generate Mother’s Day sales. Emphasis was placed on David Yurman’s luxury timepieces as well as their lines of bracelets, earrings, and rings. Ai Media Group used a variety of Search Engine Marketing strategies to create brand awareness and drive traffic to the David Yurman website. This included programmatically bidding on the most effective keywords, targeting the right demographics, and strategically utilizing the budget.

Result: Ai Media Group was able to increase the visibility of David Yurman across the networks that were being used to advertise. This was shown through the over one million new impressions Ai Media Group was able to drive to David Yurman’s website. A high Click Through Rate of .69% was maintained throughout the duration of the campaign.