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The Texas Aces, a Little League baseball team sponsored by Ai Media Group, won the Prestonwood 13U championship on November 10th, 2016, in Plano, Texas. The game was tight until the bottom of fourth inning. Big hits by Luke Post, Caleb Wells, Sam Taylor, Max Kessner and Joshua Ostrom broken things open. On the mound Taylor, Corbin McDonald and Kayden Sutt combined for a two hitter in the 8-1 win. Owen Wise had a big play defensively and was a brick wall behind the plate. Members of the Aces

Ai Media Group, along with event producers Martino Auto Concepts and thousands of spectators, spent an afternoon raising money and awareness for the Diabetes Research Institute (DRI). The 8th annual Gold Coast Concours 2016, one of the largest automobile shows on the eastern seaboard, was held in the Village Square of Glen Cove, NY. Proceeds from the charity fundraiser will help fund major DRI new treatment protocols and clinical trials currently underway to find a cure for this disease. To

Business Intelligence (BI) and its mathematical cousin Business Analytics (BA) are the hottest words on the street these days. Along with the buzz, a veritable garden of self-service business intelligence software applications have blossomed overnight, promising to end our addiction to boring spreadsheets in favor of interactive canvases that “bring data to life.” Glenys Salas, senior media analyst, shares a helpful guide to our three favorite Business Intelligence software applications.

"I would say that the spending of $3.3 billion — and having [Marc Lore, the CEO of Jet] become their head of e-com — shows that they are finally truly ready to embrace e-com," said Joel Citron, director of advertising technologies for the Ai Media Group. Walmart has been "trying, but they did not have the right people with the right mindsets and the right technical stack in place to compete. They kept on trying to copy or keep up with their competitors, and it wasn't working. Buying Jet

Joel Citron, director of Advertising Technology at Ai Media Group, a New York City-based digital strategy company, chalks it up to a different mindset between a brick-and-mortar company and an online retailer." They have very different ways of engaging with the customer," he said. Now here is where can clearly help Walmart — it continuously engages with the customer, far more so than Amazon. Every time a customer puts an item into his cart, the site engages with him... Read More

Krista DiBiccari, Director of Digital Marketing, Ai Media Group Writes for MediaPost about how digital marketers will face a monumentally noisy summer in attracting the attention of engaged consumers. Successful digital marketing during the Olympics will consist of bidding for desktop and mobile searches, based on spectacular wins, come-from-behind victories, nail-biting finishes, and even heartbreaking Olympic athlete mistakes.

Joel Citron, Director of Advertising Technologies, Ai Media Group writes about how testing and then tracking results are paramount to implementing a successful design. "Businesses in every industry race to re-design their layouts in order to keep up with the most modern and, somewhat allegedly, higher-converting design of the moment. And, we are no exception." Using our proprietary measurement technology, we were able to set up separate tracking for all possible lead generation aspects of these

Andy Fenster, CEO and founder, Ai Media Group writes how the way businesses buy from and sell to each other has changed. "Customers have become more demanding, insisting on more complex, customized solutions—with different levels of sales support. Companies accustomed to selling products and walking away are being forced to prove how they add real value." Your key to negotiation is to focus on results and value and not contracts — aka “more skin in the game.” I can assure you that you

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