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Our Leadership

Sergio Alvarez

CEO and Founder

Sergio has long been an innovator in digital advertising. Prior to Ai Media Group, he led Internet sales teams to success at, RH Donnelly, Bell Atlantic, and Ambassador Internet. His strategies have been used by principal SEM organizations throughout the United States and propelled Ai Media Group onto top-ten lists by Google and Dun & Bradstreet.

Andy Fenster

President and Chairman of Executive Commitee and Founder

Andy’s previous experience includes serving as Vice President and Controller of Big Flower Holdings, a $2.5 billion advertising and marketing services company; Corporate Executive Director and Assistant Controller at The New York Times Company; and Senior Manager at Deloitte Touche.

Ron Trenka

CIO and Founder

Ron began his career in advertising but found his calling in website applications. He has developed platforms for Olympus America, Pfizer Pharmaceuticals, Alitalia Airlines, and Absolut Vodka. His innovative technique for managing search-advertising campaigns has provided accurate tracking and accountability to digital-ad campaigns around the world.

David Brett Sr.

Vice President

David has led Sales and Advertising Divisions for such companies as John Hancock Financial, Verizon, Bell Atlantic, RH Donnelly, and Gannett. He was involved in Bell Atlantic's IYP conversion from Big Yellow to, and led the company's most successful teams in introducing to advertisers throughout the country.

Our Team

Ai Media Group knows that we have the best technology in the industry, but it’s our great team that delivers the record breaking results. Meet some of our team.

Renee Renee
Kyle Kyle
Ray Ray
Saeeun Saeeun
Fadi Fadi
Amanda Amanda
Andrew Andrew
Georgi Georgi
Muhammad Muhammad
Eduardo Eduardo
Andrew Andrew
Donna Donna
Justin Justin
Vincent Vincent
Evan Evan
Chris Chris
Gabe Gabe
James James
Jen Jen
Steve Steve
Tracy Tracy
Charlie Charlie
Tom Tom
Tom Tom
Ethan Ethan
Kathleen Kathleen
Karen Karen
Stella Stella
Beate Beate
Rudy Rudy
Gonzalo Gonzalo
Kim Kim
Brent Brent
Sarah Sarah
Krista Krista
Eric Eric
Fernando Fernando
Linda Linda
Jaimie Jaimie
Kenny Kenny
Stephanie Stephanie
Joel Joel
Mike Mike
Martin Martin
Justine Justine
Jennifer Jennifer
Mike Mike
Annalisa Annalisa
Sonja Sonja
Glenys Glenys
Steve Steve
Jamie Jamie
Robert Robert
Dom Dom
Zach Zach
Greg Greg