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Case Study : Real Estate

A High-End Real Estate Company faced the challenge of vacancies in upscale apartments in major market cores, and office space that needed to be filled.

Case Study : Telecom

A Top-3 Cable Company wanted to increase sales without having to increase their monthly spend. Ai Media Group identified the key lead driving factors and optimized to these factors in real time.

Case Study : Automotive

An automobile acquisition company wanted to significantly increase appearance on the first page of search results, as well as increase engagement, phone leads, and conversions.

Case Study : Education

A NY-based college wanted to increase enrollment in specialized programs and increase awareness/engagement online. Our education-related results quickly facilitated this need.

Case Study : Luxury

A high end designer jewelry company enlisted Ai Media Group to run a national campaign in order to generate Mother’s Day sales. Ai Media Group used a variety of Search Engine Marketing strategies to create brand awareness and drive traffic.

Case Study : Healthcare

A dental implant company wanted to evenly target 20 markets in the US, and appeal to an affluent audience with a credit score over 700...

Case Study : Finance

A leading financial services company wanted to identify which clients were in need of a short-term loan and direct them to a branch location that could quickly facilitate this need.

Beyond The BasicsThe Tools

Ai Media Group's reporting platform AiTRK, is your portal for your campaign's results. From your website traffic, to your ads and keywords, AiTRK provides a single login to not only see what ads you are running, but who clicked on them, and what path they took post click. AiTRK is media and platform-agnostic: any search engine, social media, device.

Ai Media Group's systems focus on acquisition from inception to sale. Our main focus is attracting and getting more leads, not clicks. If a user clicks on a display ad first, then on a search ad next month, our system captures the entire path. AiTRK is an All Channel Attribution system.

AiConnect tracks and analyzes customer use in real time, tracking back their activity on our clients' websites. Our proprietary tracking systems are built with our clients in mind for quick and easy deployment with minimal work on our clients' side. This allows for a fast launch. AiConnect can quickly create a unique site for each segment we want to track. With AiConnect, information continues to go to customer’s call center / CRM.

AiConnect's integrated call tracking gives businesses a true picture of ROI by collecting information from phone calls generated by ad campaigns. Call tracking shows which ads are bringing in calls and provides such data as call count and time, caller ID, routing information, and call quality. Additionally, with call-tracking integration, you can see all this data in real-time in Ai Media Group's online reporting system, AiTRK.

AiTrends views information about user's navigation paths, geo locations, IP addresses, and ad campaign performance to boost your marketing strategies and increase your leads.
AiTrends uses predictive analytics via an all click atribution model to allow Ai Media Group to apply human intelligence to campaign design while leveraging programmatic algorithms to make continuous adjustments and optomizations.

Conversion-based Optimization tracks and learns details that best drive campaign performance, such as keywords, ads, networks, bids, phrasing, and time of day. The information is fed real-time into our algorithms which then use the data to improve performance, instantly.

Tracking & Reporting

Ai Media Group offers the most detailed reporting in the industry. But, we don't just hand you a mountain of data and expect you to decipher it into usable material. Our easy-to-navigate reports and your dedicated Ai Media team will help you understand it all. We regularly meet with you to present progress on your campaign, make recommendations for improvement, and provide holistic support on how our digital marketing efforts fit into your overall marketing strategy. Let us help you navigate the noise!

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