Do you know who your buyers are?


We Do.


We track buyers across all channels and networks in real time

Using our IP Capture technology, we have the ability to track your buyers across all channels and networks in real-time. No more models. We offer the most detailed reporting in the industry.


We optimize search terms and placement

We don’t just see the last click. Our systems allow us to see the consumer journey from start to finish. We know what they’re searching for and how they get there.


We serve timely and relevant messages that convert

We know who and where your buyers are. We know what your buyers are searching for. Our real-time results allow changes to be made as fast as customers change their mind.



Our Technology

Ai Media Group uses patented technology to analyze real-time data.


Our Attribution

Our attribution system allows for the most effective optimization of the keywords used by customers during their search.


Our Methodology

No two clients are the same, so no two marketing strategies should be the same.


Our People

Programmatic is smart, but we’re smarter. Our team focuses on making sure that our technology is getting you the most out of your digital ad spend.

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