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Top Insights and Favorite Moments from #LeadGenWorld2020

With hundreds of conferences happening across the country each year, marketers can enjoy a wealth of opportunities to learn, network, and increase brand awareness!

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How AI is Transforming the Hospitality Industry

When searching for a hotel, most people ask for recommendations or start with a simple search on Google. When guests have a positive experience during their stay, it increases their loyalty and drives…

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Big City, Bright Future

Beginning this past January 2019, I was presented with the awesome opportunity to take on an internship with a digital marketing company called Ai Media Group in Midtown Manhattan.

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What About Trucking?

As the rest of the media industry is focusing on Amazon, we are focusing on how those Amazon orders are being fulfilled. When everyone’s attention goes to a new, booming marketplace, you have to consi…

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Privacy vs Convenience

Is the information marketers are using really that private? Back in the day, you walked into a local store to make a purchase. From the moment you walk in, the store employee can make assumptions of y…

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3 Thing Marketers Really Want (and How to Get Them)

Conversions, reduced CPL, and shorter sales cycles – that’s what marketers want, and it’s not too much to ask. We asked a few members from the Ai Media Group team to give us insights into how to get t…

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Top 10 Artificial Intelligence Solution Providers - 2018

Our technology brings the transparency and articulation that the education sector needs to map the process of a prospective student being converted into a qualified lead.

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mic Podcast
A Shark’s Perspective – Marketing Podcast

Attribution, Attribution, Attribution! Ai Media Group’s CEO, Sergio Alvarez, talks with Kenneth Kinney, of A Shark’s Perspective, about the value of attribution, digital performance, and how marketers…

5 Mobile Advertising Strategies That Will Grow Your Reach

Programmatic advertising on mobile is not the same as programmatic in any other environment. This article tells how to create a smarter small-screen strategy.

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GDPR Launch: Will Consumer Say “Yes” to Access?

As GDPR launches on May 25, 2018, companies’ legal teams are scrambling to be sure they are compliant. Digital marketers are also closely watching two data issues: required consumer consent, and the r…

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Yes, Your Marketing Tech Really Matters

A marketing partner that offers its own technology can be a true partner to its clients by providing full attribution, speed and customization.

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Why You Should Fix What’s Working

Buyer behavior and marketing technology are changing fast. Here’s why CMOs are hesitating to change—and how they can move forward.

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Relationships & Results Before Contracts: How to Win More Business

In the past two years, we have seen more and more large companies put their agencies up for review. The way companies view their agencies is changing. They want teams who are truly invested in their g…

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mic Podcast
Tracking Buyers - The Secret Sauce

Stephanie Anderson, Chief Marketing and Strategy Officer at Ai Media Group, and Sergio Alvarez, CEO of Ai Media Group, sit down with Pete Krainik of The CMO Club to dive into tips and tricks to delive…

Bozboz wins Campaign's Cover Hack

Brighton-based digital agency Bozboz win Campaign's cover-wrap creative competition - judged by Claire Beale, Jonathan Mildenhall and David Droga

Has Campaign undergone another redesign inspired by…

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5 Basic Attribution Questions Every Marketer Must Ask

Attribution—the way we assign credit to various points of the customer journey—is a complex mixture of art and (computer) science. That doesn’t mean, though, that digital marketers need to get into th…

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videocam Video
Andy Fenster Speaks at the Google Education Symposium

Listen in as Google and premier partner Ai Media Group sum up the pluses and minuses of Education and how digital can help: Keys = targeted approach through mobile, video, geography and a good digital…

5 Things Every Higher Ed Marketer Must Know Now

The pressure is on for marketers at educational institutions-especially at schools that offer technical or professional certifications, and at small-to-midsize private colleges. Enrollments, particula…

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Why Programmatic Is Broken

Is your programmatic buying really working? Can you prove it?

Most marketing professionals don’t realize it, but this hot, buzz-y technology too often overpromises and under-delivers. And that’s a …

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Why ROAS Will Never Be the Same

The best marketers know that the real purpose of assessing return on advertising spend (ROAS) is not just to count coins or track effectiveness—it’s much more ambitious than that. The purpose of under…

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