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GDPR Launch: Will Consumer Say “Yes” to Access?

As GDPR launches on May 25, 2018, companies’ legal teams are scrambling to be sure they are compliant. Digital marketers are also closely watching two data issues: required consumer consent, and the r…

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Relationships & Results Before Contracts: How to Win More Business

In the past two years, we have seen more and more large companies put their agencies up for review. The way companies view their agencies is changing. They want teams who are truly invested in their g…

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mic Podcast
Tracking Buyers - The Secret Sauce

Stephanie Anderson, Chief Marketing and Strategy Officer at Ai Media Group, and Sergio Alvarez, CEO of Ai Media Group, sit down with Pete Krainik of The CMO Club to dive into tips and tricks to delive…

Bozboz wins Campaign's Cover Hack

Brighton-based digital agency Bozboz win Campaign's cover-wrap creative competition - judged by Claire Beale, Jonathan Mildenhall and David Droga Has Campaign undergone another redesign inspired by…

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5 Basic Attribution Questions Every Marketer Must Ask

Attribution—the way we assign credit to various points of the customer journey—is a complex mixture of art and (computer) science. That doesn’t mean, though, that digital marketers need to get into th…

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videocam Video
Andy Fenster Speaks at the Google Education Symposium

Listen in as Google and premier partner Ai Media Group sum up the pluses and minuses of Education and how digital can help: Keys = targeted approach through mobile, video, geography and a good digital…

Why ROAS Will Never Be the Same

The best marketers know that the real purpose of assessing return on advertising spend (ROAS) is not just to count coins or track effectiveness—it’s much more ambitious than that. The purpose of under…

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What You Don't Know About Attribution Is Costing You

Everybody in digital marketing is talking about attribution this year, and no wonder. It’s critical for marketers to assign credit to specific touchpoints along a customer journey that led to a conver…

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Going For Olympic Gold In Digital Marketing

Digital marketers will face a monumentally noisy summer in attracting the attention of engaged consumers. A heated, contentious U.S. presidential race complete with wall-to-wall news coverage of th…

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