Relationships & Results Before Contracts: How to Win More Business

person Nicole Gagen

Marketing Manager — Ai Media Group

Our people who care for our clients have a mentality unmatched by most agencies. We know we have to earn the business everyday.

In the past two years, we have seen more and more large companies put their agencies up for review. The way companies view their agencies is changing. They want teams who are truly invested in their goals.

Using month-to-month contracts has helped Ai Media Group defy the laws of “agency hopping.” With an approximately 90% customer retention rate, we have proven that short-term contracts do not mean short-term clients. We are confident that the impact of month-to-month contracts is mostly internal. Our people who care for our clients have a mentality unmatched by most agencies. We know we have to earn the business every day.

When we work with our customers, rather than focusing on specific tactics, we work toward achieving agreed upon ROI metrics. These vary greatly, but can be sales, form submissions, units, phone calls, or any number of other key performance indicators (KPIs). By focusing on results, our customers see our investment in their goals and our shared vision of success.

Give to Get

Your company should consider using short-term, one to three month contracts that offer customers the ability to cancel. Short-term contracts are valuable for several reasons:

  • Offering an “initial term” for one or two months with the ability to cancel at any time allows you to get a test up and running more easily and demonstrate your capabilities with a customer, without locking them in
  • Short-term contracts make you focus on continuously striving to improve and exceed performance objectives. These short-term contracts serve as an incentive for everyone in the organization to focus and deliver for the customer
  • In rare cases when things do not work out for any variety of reasons, short-term contracts allow for either party to part ways amicably and quickly. It avoids collection and legal issues that often arise when more formal contracts/SLA’s are involves.
  • If everything goes according to plan and the customer is happy, the month-to-month contract continue month after month

The key to negotiating short-term contracts is to focus on results and value, not contracts. The relationship between agencies and their customers is changing. Customers want to know their agency is as invested in them as they are in their agency.

Ai Media Group’s approach, with short-term contracts and results driven metrics, allows us to prove month after month that we are invested in our customers’ long-term success. We don’t leave our customers wondering if they are getting a return on their investment. We show them the data. We prove our strategy is working. We earn their business every day.

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