We offer a complete suite of paid digital advertising services, including SEM, Display, and Social Media. With our premier partnerships with Google and Bing, we are first adopters on the latest tools and technology from top search and media networks. We are a winner of the Association of Directory Marketing Award for Technology Innovations.

developer_mode Our Technology

Ai Media Group uses patented technology to analyze real-time data. Our mission is to provide cutting-edge technology in simple yet compelling packages. We give our clients full access to real-time results gathered by our technology so changes and decisions can be made as fast as customers change their minds.


Ai Media Group’s reporting platform, AiTRK™, is a portal available to clients who want to view campaign results as they happen. From website traffic, to ads and keywords, AiTRK™ provides a single login to not only see what ads are running, but also see who clicked on them and what path they took post click.

AiTRK™ is media and platform-agnostic and focuses on acquisition from inception to sale. If a user clicks on a display ad first, then on a search ad the following month, our system captures the entire path. AiTRK™ is an All Channel Attribution system that tracks leads, not clicks.


Our proprietary tracking systems are developed with our clients in mind for fast and easy deployment. This allows for a quick, seamless launch. AiConnect™ has the ability to create a unique site for each segment that is being tracked. With AiConnect™, information continues to go to customer’s existing call center/CRM. AiConnect’s™ integrated call tracking gives businesses an accurate Return on Investment by collecting information from phone calls generated by ad campaigns.

This particular kind of tracking shows which ads are bringing in calls and analyzes data such as: call count and time, caller ID, routing information, and call quality. Clients have access to this live data through Ai Media Group’s online reporting system, AiTRK™.


AiTrends views information about a user’s navigation paths, geo locations, IP addresses, and ad campaign performance to boost marketing strategies and increase leads. AiTrends uses predictive analytics via an all-click attribution system that allows Ai Media Group to apply human intelligence to campaign design.

AiTrends also leverages programmatic algorithms to make continuous adjustments and optimizations. Conversion-based optimization studies the specifics of what drives the best campaign performance, such as: keywords, ads, networks, bids, phrasing, and time of day. The information is fed into our algorithms and is then used to improve performance, instantly.

transform Our Attribution

Our attribution system allows for the most effective optimization. Our systems see and react to the first keyword (and all keywords) a user searched throughout their consumer journey — even if the initial search was months prior to the conversion. A combination of our IP Capture technology and cookies makes it possible to continually market to users who change from one device to another during their consumer journey. With a unique ID system we have created, those conversions can be tied back to geography, network, devices, and keywords for the most effective campaign optimization possible.

blur_linear Our Methodology

Successful online marketing campaigns require a multifaceted approach. By being device and network agnostic, we can traverse the entire web optimizing where you show up and leading your buyer to your door. The team at Ai Media group creates a unique strategy for every client, combining SEO and social-media presence with traditional online marketing methods (search, display, mobile) that reach target audiences, obtain lead goals, and get results.

group Our People

Teaming the human brain with programmatic technology leads to smarter marketing decisions. Our technology works like programmatic, but our people make it Manumatic. With a Manumatic approach, a programmatic system is backed by human intelligence to keep the results in check.

Ai Media Group offers the most detailed reporting in the industry, but we don’t just deliver better quality leads for your client – we show you how our tools work for you and why. See where leads come from, get detailed information about website users, and watch while your business — and customer relations – improves.

Don’t have any online advertising experience? Don’t worry. Ai Media Group will be a partner to your agency, not just another vendor. We provide you with a turnkey solution for all your customers’ online advertising needs. Our experienced sales professionals work with you to provide your customers with the necessary intelligence to help maximize their online efforts, and our reporting tools can be re-branded with your agency’s name and logo so that your customers have a seamless experience.

From proposals, presentations, reporting… Ai Media Group takes care of it all.

Cross Channel Media

We are device and channel agnostic. No matter where your customers are we can help you reach them.

  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Display Marketing
  • Social Media
  • Mobile Advertising
  • Remarketing
  • Localized Advertising
  • Email
  • SEO

For Agencies

Ai Media Group will be your partner providing practical and effective online-advertising solutions. We equip you with the necessary business intelligence to maximize your online efforts, immediately.

Relationships win customers, results keep them. We Deliver Both.

Maximize your digital advertising ROI with Ai Media Group

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